Infinito Solutions Business Consulting has a variety of services under its umbrella. This is where you do not have to hire multiple consultants and you can enjoy one window support. Financing, Recruitment, Training, BPO, Business Plans, Feasibilities, Policies and Procedures, Process Flow Design and many others. Focus on your front office and hire one consultant for your back office.



Money matters for you and you matter for us. We have a very good network with providers of both Equity and Debt finance. We help your urgent financing needs by keeping your WACC at its lowest possible level.



We have access to some of the outstanding resources internationally. This is due to our wide connections and network. We believe in less formalities and more practicality. We keep looking for good talent that is best fit to our client in terms of abilities, trust, origin and cost. We can even do the reference check for the employees and employers.



We also help you in company setups, PRO services, all government related services, local and overseas visas, trade mark and patent registration, document processing etc.



Whether you invest or divest in business, buy or sell business, or merge with others, third party due diligence makes your deal easy and transition smooth. The best way to negotiate is to start with due diligence report and converse with your counterpart.

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We provide the most cost effective ERP Solutions. We analyze your business needs and come up with a workable and affordable ERP solution for you for the long term.