We have, a very good exposure, insight and experience in the region into the accounting and financial management systems of reputed organisations.




Accounting is our core service. We have several years of accounting expertise. Our team members have extensive of experience in accounting for all sectors such as Trading, manufacturing, service industry, IT industry, projects, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, University, banks, financial institutions, Hospitality and Tourism.
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It is important not to have an internal auditor because the cost will double when you have to hire another firm to do the internal auditors audit as well. Infinito Solutions can provide you auditing services to save you money and time.
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Infinito Solutions has a variety of services under its umbrella. This is where you do not have to hire multiple consultants and you can enjoy one window support. Financing, Recruitment, Training, BPO, Business Plans, Feasibilities, Policies and Procedures, Process Flow Design and many others. Focus on your front office and hire one consultant for your back office.

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ERP systems are considered as a vital tool for organizations because they integrate varied systems within the enterprise and facilitate error-free transactions and efficiency in output. At Infinito Solutions we start from asking whether you need an ERP, because our goals are long term and integrated with the goals of our clients.
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We are professional business setup specialists providing both pre and post incorporation services. We also take care of yearly renewals. You do not need to hire staff for services that are one time or needed on yearly basis. Even for other government services, keep your costs variable and do not incur overheads.
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Infinito Solutions Business Consulting provides full-service ICO solutions form the initial market analysis, having successfully nurtured startups with a background skillfully rooted in online marketing, our team of technical & professional experts is well-equipped to launch and manage the entire ICO operation for blockchain agencies.
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Looking for VAT Consultant in UAE to help you in getting VAT compliant? We at Infinito Solutions Business Consulting have already providing VAT Consulting Services in UAE to many companies.Value Added Tax (VAT) would be a reality in UAE from 01 Jan, 2018. However, you have to plan for VAT impact on our business from now. Whether you are operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other emirate of UAE, VAT is going to impact your business sooner or later.
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